This page has some of the projects that I've been involved with, either as artist or producer. More projects will be made available shortly.







Projects As a Solo Artist:

Music For TV & Film Vol. 1 contains instrumental music from several different projects.

I Hear The Choppers Coming is an instrumental version of the classic a cappella military cadence.

Suffering, To The Border, Soccer and Journey of the Magi were originally written for a TV show recreating the historic journey through the middle east by the three wise men to Bethlehem.

Suffering was also used to accompany a video outlining humanitarian statistics under UN sanctions in Iraq prior to 9/11.




Projects As a Producer:

Bo Menart: Out of the Woodshed (EP)



Michelle Higgs: Healing Room



Unicorn: Cosmic Storyteller is the "lost" 1960s album by mythical psychedelic supergroup Unicorn.

Thought to be lost forever, the album languished in a vault for over 30 years without having ever been released.

Hmmm... we always wondered where we'd left it!

As well as co-producing the mythical album, I'm also a mythical associate producer for the mythical upcoming movie - you can check out the mythical trailer here.



Projects As An Executive Producer: